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Volume 41 Number 2

Cover Illustration: Artwork adapted from the dust-jacket for Thomas Seltzer's first American trade edition of Women in Love, published on October 18, 1922.




Seolji Han, "The Ethics of Melancholic Subjectivity in Sons and Lovers"

Ronald Granofsky, "Uncanny Encounters and the Paradox of Lawrentian Attachment in The Rainbow"

Demetria DeLia, "Bridled Rage:  Pre-Oedipal Theory and 'The Rocking Horse Winner'"

Jennifer Mitchell, "Cruelty, Subjectivity, and Masochistic Possibility in The Rainbow"

Francisco La Rubia-Prado, "Alchemical Horse:  The Art of Transformation in St. Mawr"

John Horrocks, "Vivo Sempre:  Lawrence, Jung, and the Natcha-Kee-Tarawas in The Lost Girl"

Misook Kang, "Lawrence and Lacan on 'The Transformation of Hamlet'"


  • Michael Bell reviews The World Broke in Two:  Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Forster, and the Year that Changed Literature by Bill Goldstein.

  • Earl Ingersoll reviews The Life of D.H. Lawrence:  A Critical Biography by Andrew Harrison.

  • Janet Byrne reviews The Novelist's Wife:  A Literary Romance by Sasha Bristol.

  • Michael Ross reviews Modernism and Mobility:  The Passport and Cosmopolitan Experience by Bridget T. Chalk.

  • Jack Stewart reviews Optical Impersonality:  Science, Images, and Literary Modernism by Christina Walter.

  • Peter Balbert reviews Love and Sex in D.H. Lawrence by  David Ellis.

  • Michael Ross reviews Violence without God: The Rhetorical Despair of Twentieth Century Writers by Joyce Wexler.

Editor: Richard A. Kaye

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