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Future Conferences

2024 Modern Language Association Convention

Philadelphia, PA (Jan 4-7, 2024)

* "D.H. Lawrence and Affect / Emotions/ Feelings."Panel Sponsored by the D. H. Lawrence Society of North America


Tonya Krouse, Northern Kentucky University

"Against Happiness: Sensuality, Self, and the Social Good in D.H. Lawrence's Women in Love"


Sophie Rickless, UCLA Department of English

"Bloodily Affective Reactions to Visual Art in the Novels of D.H. Lawrence: A Racialized 'Truth'"


Frances Rowbottom, University of Edinburgh

"'This Strange, Sharp Innoculation': Love and Emotion in Women in Love and 'Eloi, Eloi Lama Sabachthani'"


* "Joy and Sorrows of Attachment: Dickens and Lawrence." Joint Panel of Dickens Society and D. H. Lawrence Society of North America


Brigid Chalk, “Dickens, Lawrence, and Readerly Entanglement”


Tara Moore, “Remnants of Neglect in Our Mutual Friend” 


Holly Laird, “The Sorrows of the Lawrentian Persona and its Attachment to Dickens’s David” 


Presiding: James Armstrong

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