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43.1-2 DHLR Cover.jpg
43.1-2 DHLR Cover.jpg

Volume 43 Number 1-2,

50th Anniversary Issue

Cover Illustration: D.H. Lawrence, Witter Bynner, and Frieda Lawrence
(Santa Fe, NM, 1923)



Jeff Wallace, "The Death of Interest:  D.H. Lawrence, Geoff Dyer and Literary Tourism"

Jake Poller, "D.H. Lawrence, Fascism, and the Logic of Contamination"

Jane Eldridge Miller, "From Insurrection to Incoherence in D.H. Lawrence's The Lost Girl"

Jennifer Mitchell, "The Spell of Masochism:  Mastery, Submission, and Suspense in D.H. Lawrence's The Fox"

Perry Meisel, "Green They Shone"

Jack Stewart, "D.H. Lawrence Through the Lens of A.S. Byatt II:  Still Life and Babel Tower"

Patrick Pearson, "The Sixth Extinction:  The Place of D.H. Lawrence's "Snake" and "Mountain Lion" in the Poetry of Speciocide"

Extracts on D.H. Lawrence from the British Poet Thom Gunn's Unpublished Letters (Introduced by Stefania Michelucci and Richard A. Kaye)


Caleb Fridell, "D.H. Lawrence's Green Modernity"



Christopher Isherwood on D.H. Lawrence's "The Blind Man" (1957)

A Profile of D.H. Lawrence in the Kansas City Star (July 7, 1922), an Article on Lawrence in the Springfield [Mass.] Sunday Republican (May 14, 1922), and 1922 American Reviews of Lawrence's Aaron's Rod


  • Keith Cushman reviews The Poems Volume III edited by Christopher Pollnitz

  • Maria DiBattista reviews D.H. Lawrence in Context edited by Andrew Harrison

  • Richard A. Kaye reviews The Cambridge Introduction to the British Novel by Robert L. Caserio and The Cambridge History of Modernism edited by Vincent Sherry

  • Michael Ross reviews D.H. Lawrence:  Music and Modernism by Susan Reid

  • Marianna Torgovnick reviews Frieda:  The Original Lady Chatterley by Annabel Abbs

  • Ginette Katz-Roy reviews Aimer Lawrence by Catherine Millet

  • Rachel Crossland reviews D.H. Lawrence and Pre-Einsteinian Modernist Relativity by Kumiko Hoshi

  • Jeff Wallace reviews Modernist Physics:  Waves, Particles, and Relativities in the Writings of Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence by Rachel Crossland

  • Laurence Steven reviews The Proletarian Answer to the Modernist Question by Nick Hubble

  • Jack Stewart reviews Modernism a la Mode:  Fashion and the Ends of Literature by Elizabeth M. Sheehan

Editor: Richard A. Kaye

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