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Volume 40 Number 1

Cover Illustration: "The Contest Between Apollo and Pan" by Jan de Bisschop  (1628-1671)


Stefania Michelucci and Paul Poplawski
Introduction:  D.H. Lawrence and the Arts:  A Sketch of the Critical Heritage


Margaret Storch
Abstraction and the "Heat of Life":  Lawrence and Contemporary Art


Jason Mark Ward
Reading Lawrence Through Film:  The Horse Dealer's Western

  • Nora Foster Stovel
    Minerva Victrix:  The Daughter-in-Law, A Power Play

  • Zeynep Z. Atayurt-Fenge
    From the Pits to the Kitchens:  The Dynamics of Food and Eating in The Fight for Barbara and The Daughter-in-Law

  • Fiona Richards
    The Goat-God in England:  A Musical Context for Lawrence's Fascination with Pan

  • Susan Reid
    From Rope-Dancer to Wrestler:  The Figure of the Artist as Performer in Women in Love


  • David Game, D.H. Lawrence's Australia:  Anxiety at the Edge of Empire.  (Ron Granofsky)

  • David Game, D.H. Lawrence's Australia:  Anxiety at the Edge of Empire.  (Ron Granofsky)

  • Arthur Efron, Women in Love:  Sexual Experience and the Struggle with Death.  (Carol Siegel)

  • Hidenaga Arai, Literature along the Lines of Flight:  D.H. Lawrence's Later Novels and Critical Theory.  (Alfie Bown)

  • Richard Owen, Lady Chatterley's Villa:  D.H. Lawrence on the Italian Riviera.  (Michael L. Ross)

  • Richard I. Feinberg, Narcissus in Treatment:  The Journey from Fate to Psychological Freedom.  (Ron Granofsky)

  • Julianne Newmark, The Pluralist Imagination from East to West in American Literature.  (Virginia Hyde)

  • Anne Fernihough, Freewomen and Supermen:  Edwardian Radicals and Literary Modernism.  (Neil Roberts)

  • Matthew J. Kochis and Heather L. Lusty, eds., Modernists at Odds:  Reconsidering Joyce and Lawerence.  (Michael L. Ross)

  • Rishona Zimring, Social Dance and the Modernist Imagination in Interwar Britain.  (Sydney Jane Kaplan) 

  • Kate McLoughlin, ed., The Modernist Party.  (Margaret Storch)

  • Nidesh Lawtoo, The Phantom of the Ego:  Modernism and the Mimetic Unconscious.  (Margret Gunnarsdottir Champion)

Guest Editor: Paul Poplawski and Stefania Michelucci

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