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Volume 39 Number 1

Cover Illustration: The women scholars pictured are, from top left clockwise, Catherine Brown, Helen Wussow, Margret Gunnarsdottir-Champion, Violeta Sotirova, Jill Franks, Nanette Norris, Joyce Wexler, and Carol Siegel.  The portrait of Lawrence is used by permission of the National Portrait Gallery in London., 1922.



  • Jill Franks
    Introduction:  Ecriture Feminine and Women Lawrence Critics

  • Carol Siegel
    D.H. Lawrence, Mentor

  • Margret Gunnarsdottir Champion
    "To shift the vital fact":  Learning, Perception, and World-Horizons in D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers

  • Joyce Wexler
    Chasing the Writer

  • Helen Wussow
    Caravaggio and D.H. Lawrence:  Vulgarity to Sainthood

  • Catherine Brown
    Climbing Down the Alpine Pisgah:  Lawrence's Relationships with the Alps

  • Violeta Sotirova
    The Enactment of Feeling:  A Stylistic Analysis of Love Scenes in The Rainbow

  • Nanette Norris
    1914:  Two Sides to War:  "England, My England" and "Vin Ordinaire"



  • Langdon Elsbree  (two days prior to 85th birthday)


 Guest Editor:  Jill Franks

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