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Volume 37 Number 1

Cover Illustration: Bust of D.H. Lawrence by Joan King at Nottingham Castle


  • Carl Krockel
    Legacies of War:  The Reputations of Lawrence and T.S. Eliot in the Modernist Period

  • Jack Stewart
    Germinal, Germination, and The Rainbow

  • Earl Ingersoll
    Men's Names in Lawrence's Fiction

  • Ria Bannerjee
    The Search for Pan:  Difference and Morality in D.H. Lawrence's "St Mawr" and "The Woman Who Rode Away"

  • Elizabeth Sargent
    Alternative Discourse, Lawrence, and the Teaching of Writing



  • D.H. Lawrence, Quetzalcoatl, Ed. N.H. Reeve.  (Neil Roberts)

  • Virginia Crosswhite Hyde and Earl G. Ingersoll, eds., "Terra Incognita":  D.H. Lawrence at the Frontiers.  (Margaret Storch)

  • Sydney Janet Kaplan, Circulating Genius:  John Middleton Murry, Katherine Mansfield and D.H. Lawrence.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Faith Binckes, Modernism, Magazines, and the British Avant-Garde:  Reading "Rhythm," 1010-1914.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Galya Diment, A Russian Jew of Bloomsbury:  The Life and Times of Samuel Koteliansky.  (Judith Ruderman)

  • Axel Goodbody and Kate Rigby, eds., Ecocritical Theory:  New European Approaches.  (Michael Bell)

  • Daniel Fuchs, The Limits of Ferocity:  Sexual Aggression and Modern Literary Rebellion.  (Barbara Shapiro)



  • Gary S. Adelman (at age 77)

  • Arthur J. (Art) Bachrach

  • Angelica Garnett (at age 93)

  • Barney Rosset (at age 89)

Editor:  Eleanor H. Green

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