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Volume 36 Number 1

Cover Illustration: Picture of Giacomo Capelli, whom Lawrence in Twilight in Italy called Giovanni Fiori.  Photograph from the Capelli family collection, used with permission from the family.


  • Matthew J. Kochis
    Lawrence's Kangaroo:  De-Establishing the Double Bind of Masculinity

  • Izabel F.O. Brandao
    Lawrence's Homeless Hero:  An Ecocritical-Feminist Reading of Kangaroo

  • Peter Mortensen
    Patient No More:  D.H. Lawrence, Medical Holism and Modern Therapeutic Selfhood

  • Joyce Wexler
    Violence and Laughter in Women in Love

  • Christine M. Connell
    Inheritance from the Earth and Generational Passage in D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow

  • Jack Stewart
    Color, Place, and Animism in St. Mawr and 'Flowery Tuscany'

  • Colm Kerrigan
    San Gaudenzio Past and Present



  • D.H. Lawrence, Mornings in Mexico and Other Essays, ed. Virginia Hyde.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Bethan Jones, The Last Poems of D.H. Lawrence.  (Holly Laird)

  • Jane Jaffe Young, D.H. Lawrence on Screen.  (Louis Greiff)

  • Douglas Wuchina, Destinies of Splendor.  (Judith Ruderman)

  • Barry J. Scherr, D.H. Lawrence Today and Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault.  (Elizabeth Fox)

  • Jack Stewart, Color, Space, and Creativity.  (Keith Cushman)

  • Bradley W. Buchanan, Oedipus Against Freud. (Michael Ross)

  • Carol E. Leon, Movement and Belonging.  (Jill Franks)

  • Rudolph Glitz, Writing the Victorians.  (Ron Granofsky)

  • Joel Pfister, Individuality Incorporated.  (Mark Rifkin)

  • Serena Cenni and Nick Ceramella, eds. Il corpo, la fiamma,il desierio.  (Jill Franks)



  • Mark Kinkead-Weekes (1931-2011)

  • H.M. Daleski (1926-2010)

  • George Bahike ( -2011)

  • Duane Edwards (2010 at age 74)

  • Jane Jaffe Young ( -2009)



Editor:  Eleanor H. Green

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