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Volume 31 Number 1

Cover Illustration:  Detail of Lady Chatterley's Lover (1983), by Stephen Alcorn.  Relief-block print, 13" x 10" (The Alcorn Studio & Gallery).



Simon Casey

The Radical Individualism of D.H. Lawrence and Max Stirner


James J. Miracky

Regen(d)erating the Modernist Novel:  Literary Realism vs. the Language of the Body

in D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf


Andrew Radford

Strange Gods beneath the Post-War Rubble in Kangaroo





Virginia Hyde

Review of T.R. Wright,

D.H. Lawrence and the Bible


Jack Stewart

Review of Peter Kaye,

Dostoevsky and English Modernism, 1900-1930


Elizabeth M. Fox

Review of Joseph Adamson and Hilary Clark, eds.,

Scenes of Shame:  Psychoanalysis, Shame, and Writing

And of Peter L. Rudnytsky and Andrew M. Gordon, eds.,



Jack Stewart

Review of Ashok Celly,

Emily Bronte, D.H. Lawrence and the Black Horse


Helen Sword

Review of James Persoon,

Modern British Poetry, 1900-1939


Laurie E. McCollum

Review of Philippa Gregory,

Perfectly Correct


Keith Cushman

Review of Sasha Grishin,

Garry Shead:  The D.H. Lawrence Paintings


Editor:  William M. Harrison

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