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Double Volume 32-33

Cover Illustration: Head of Lawrence Statue by Diana Thompson at the University of Nottingham


Claudia Rosenhan

Euthanasia in Sons and Lovers and D.H. Lawrence's Metaphysic of Life


Timothy Marshall

"Odour of Chrysanthemums":  Death, the Great War and the Workhouse


Gerald Doherty

"Reflections" in Close-Up:  Should the Porcupine Really Have Died?


Steven Tobias

Lady Chatterley's Lover and the Spectre of Africa


Michael Kramp

Gypsy Desire in the Land:  The Decay of the English Race and

Radical Nomadism in The Virgin and the Gypsy


David Game

Aspects of Degeneration in D.H. Lawrence's Kangaroo


Ben Stoltzfus

Lacan's Knot, Freud's Narrative, and the Tangle of "Glad Ghosts"


Joyce Wexler

Why Isn't Lady Chatterley Beautiful?


Gregory Tague

Metaphysical Consciousness in D.H. Lawrence


Jack Stewart

Report from the Kyoto Conference (June 30-July 4, 2003)



Andrew Harrison

Review of Michael Black,

Lawrence's England:  The Major Fiction, 1913-20


Ben Woolhead

Review of Amit Chaudhuri,

D.H. Lawrence and "Difference":  Postcoloniality and

the Poetry of the Present


Margaret Storch

Review of James C. Cowan,

D.H. Lawrence:  Self and Sexuality


Keith Cushman

Review of Anna Grmelova',

The Worlds of D.H. Lawrence's Short Fiction, 1907-1923


James C. Cowan

Review of D.H. Lawrence,

Paul Morel


Jack Stewart

Review of Stefania Michelucci,

Space and Time in the Works of D.H. Lawrence


Keith Cushman

Review of Joyce Carol Oates,



Bethan Jones

Review of John Parham, ed.,

The Environmental Tradition in English Literature


Keith Cushman

Review of James M. Phelps and Nigel Bell, eds.,

D.H. Lawrence Around the World:  South African Perspectives


Jack Stewart

Review of Keith Sagar, ed.,

D.H. Lawrence's Paintings


Carol Sklenicka

Review of Mark Spilka, Eight Lessons in Love


Jack Stewart

Review of Michael Squires and Lynn Talbot,

Living at the Edge:  A Biography of D.H. Lawrence

and Frieda von Richthofen


Carl Behm

Review of Stanley Sultan, Joyce's Metamorphosis


Editor:  Eleanor H. Green


Table of Contents for Volume 31.3 (2003)







Dennis Jackson

The Last Refugee of the "Normative" Fifties:  A Tribute to Mark Spilka (1925-2001)


Tim Lovelace

D.H. Lawrence's "The Combative Spirit":  Tinkering with the Canon


Andrew Nash

"At the Gates":  New Commentaries on a Lost Lawrence Text


Douglas Wuchina

"My heart's Desire":  "Physical Passion" and "A New Sort of Love" in Women in Love and The First "Women in Love"





Takeo Iida

A Response to Keith Cushman's "Lawrence's Dust-Jackets:  Addenda and Corrigendum"





Michael Squires

Review of D.H. Lawrence, James T. Boulton ed.,

The Letters of D.H. Lawrence.  Volume 8:  Previously Uncollected Letters and General Index


Keith Cushman and Jay Gertzman

Review of Warren Roberts and Paul Poplawski,

A Bibliography of D.H. Lawrence


Carol Siegel

Review of Robert Burden,

Radicalizing Lawrence:  Critical Interventions in the Reading and Reception of D.H. Lawrence's Narrative Fiction


Andrew Harrison

Review of Anne Fernihough, ed.,

The Cambridge Companion to D.H. Lawrence


Joan Peters

Review of Gerald Doherty,

Oriental Lawrence:  The Quest for the Secrets of Sex


Joyce Wexler

Review of M. Elizabeth Sargent and Garry Watson, eds.,

Approaches to Teaching the Works of D.H. Lawrence


Stefana Rusenova

Review of Nicholas Marsh,

D.H. Lawrence:  The Novels


Julianne Newmark

Review of Fiona Becket,

The Complete Critical Guide to D.H. Lawrence


Charles Burack

Review of David Trotter,

Paranoid Modernism:  Literary Experiment, Psychosis, and the Professionalization of English Society


Michael Ross

Review of Alan Williamson,

Almost a Girl:  Male Writers and Female Identification


Francesco Gozzi

Review of Antonella Piazza, ed.,

D.H. Lawrence:  arte e mito


Takeo Iida

Review of Takashi Toyokuni,

D.H. Lawrence no Shousetsu:  Shimboru, Shinwa, Jinan


Margaret Storch

Review of Jan Pilditch, ed.,

The Critical Response to D.H. Lawrence


Joseph Rosenblum

Review of Allison Pease,

Modernism, Mass Culture, and the Aesthetics of Obscenity


Jill Franks

Review of Roberto M. Dainotto,

Place in Literature:  Regions, Cultures, Communities


Louis K. Greiff

Review of Charles Ferrall,

Modernist Writing and Reactionary Politics


Hope Howell Hodgkins

Review of Sandra Kemp, Charlotte Mitchell, and David Trotter, eds.,

The Oxford Companion to Edwardian Fiction


Richard Maxwell

Review of Lynne Hapgood and Nancy L. Paxton, eds.,

Outside Modernism:  In Pursuit of the English Novel, 1900-1930


Yumna Siddiqi

Review of Howard J. Booth and Nigel Rigby, eds.,

Modernism and Empire


Christopher Wixson

Review of D.H. Lawrence,

The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd:  A Drama in Three Acts


Keith Cushman

Review of D.H. Lawrence edited by Bob Blaisdell

Snake and Other Poems





Editor:  Eleanor H. Green

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