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Vol 1-24

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Table of Contents for Volume 22.1 (1990)






Gerald Doherty

The Greatest Show on Earth:  D.H. Lawrence's St. Mawr and Antonin Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty


Patricia L. Hagen

Astrology, Schema Theory, and Lawrence's Poetic Method


Lynn K. Talbot

Did Baroja Influence Lawrence?--A Reading of Cesar O Nada and The Plumed Serpent


Margaret J. Masson

D.H. Lawrence's Congregational Inheritance


William A. Davis, Jr.

Mountains, Metaphors, and Other Entanglements:  Sexual Representation in the Prologue to Women in Love





Jung-Mai Kim

D.H. Lawrence in Korea:  A Checklist of Works By and About Him, 1930-1988


Dennis Jackson






Peter Preson

Review of David Ellis and Howard Mills,

D.H. Lawrence's Non-Fiction:  Art, Thought and Genre


Ginette Katz-Roy

Review of Jean-Paul Pichardie,

D.H. Lawrence, La tentation utopique, de Rananim au "Serpent a plumes'


Bruce Steele'

Review of Joseph Davis,

D.H. Lawrence at Thirroul


John Worthen

Reivew of Jay A. Gertzman,

A descriptive Bibliography of "Lady Chatterley's Lover," With Essays Toward a Publishing History of the Novel


Paul Eggert

Review of Harold Bloom, ed.,

D.H. Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers"


Laurie White

Review of Claire Tomalin,

Katherine Mansfield:  A Secret Life



Editor:  Dennis Jackson



Table of Contents for Volume 22.2 (1990)



ARTICLES:  (The Otto Gross--Frieda Weekley Correspondence)


John Turner with Cornelia Rumpf-Worthen and Ruth Jenkins

The Otto Gross--Frieda Weekley Correspondence:  Transcribed, Translated, and Annotated

(I)   Introduction

(A)  The Letters

(B)  The Lover

(C)  The Love

(D)  The Beloved

(E)  Lawrence and Gross


(II)   Gross's Letters to Frieda:  The Translations


(III)  Frieda's Letters to Gross:  The Translations


(IV)  Gross's Letters to Frieda:  The German Texts


(V)   Frieda's Letters to Gross:  The German Texts


(VI)  Notes on the Letters


(VII) Works Cited




John B. Vickery

Review of James C. Cowan,

D.H. Lawrence and the Trembling Balance


P.T. Whelan

Review of Harold Bloom, ed.,

D.H. Lawrence's "Women in Love"


James E. Evans

Review of Wayne C. Booth,

The Company We Keep:  An Ethics of Fiction


Jay L. Halio

Review of Daniel R. Schwarz,

The Transformation of the English Novel, 1890-1930


George Y. Trail

Review of Toni Reed,

Demon-Lovers and Their Victims in British Fiction


Gerald M. Lacy

Review of J.D. McClatchy, ed.,

Poets on Painters:  Essays on the Art of Painting by Twentieth-Century Poets



Editor:  Dennis Jackson



Table of Contents for Volume 22.3 (1990)





Mark Kinkead-Weekes

The Gringo Senora Who Rode Away


Jonathan Rose

Lawrence for Everyman:  An Undiscovered Short Story?


Enid Hilton

Alice Dax:  D.H. Lawrence's Clara in Sons and Lovers


Louis Martz

Quetzalcoatl:  The Early Version of The Plumed Serpent


Karen Z. Sproles

D.H. Lawrence and the Pre-Raphaelites:  Love Among the Ruins





Jack F. Stewart

D.H. Lawrence Conference:  Universite' Paul Valery, Montpellier


Brad Howard

Checklist of D.H. Lawrence Criticism and Scholarship, 1989


Kaien Kitazaki

Checklist of Translations of D.H. Lawrence's Works in Japan, 1982-1990





Weldon Thornton

Review Essay on D.H. Lawrence,

England, My England and Other Stories (ed. Bruce Steele)


Dale Kramer

Review of D.H. Lawrence,

Movements in European History (ed. Philip Crumpton)


Duane Edwards

Review of Jeffrey Meyers,

The Spirit of Biography


M. Elizabeth Wallace

Review of Peter Balbert,

D.H. Lawrence and the Phallic Imagination:  Essays on Sexual Identity and Feminist Misreading


Elgin W. Mellown

Review of Bibhu Padhi,

D.H. Lawrence:  Modes of Fictional Style


Jean-Paul Pichardie

Review of Duane Edwards,

"The Rainbow":  A Search for New Life


Editor:  Dennis Jackson

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